Character info: Leah Nichole Saga

Leah Nichole Saga ((Miss Leah (empathy/electric defender)/Dr. Leah Saga (electric/regen scrapper)))

General Observation-All

Leah is a tallish athletic redhead with fair skin and freckles. She’s a recent graduate of Paragon City medical school and a second year resident in the ER at Talos General where patients gain from both her skills as an empath and her medical training.

She lives in a condo in Overbrook with two roommates, Sandy Taylor and Sara Koch.

Combat Observation-All

Until an undisclosed incident, Leah was all about supporting her teammates with her empathic abilities. After the incident, her healing touch turned in on itself and Leah found herself having to adapt, and using her attunement to the electrical functions of her body offensively rather then defensively.

However, just as she was getting used to her new role, contact with the well of furies left her able to switch between roles.

Social Interactions-All

Leah is very often accompanied by Ethan St. George now a days who is reported to be her fiance. She is very often teased about that fact by her roommates who envy his very good taste in jewelry, citing the diamond solitaire ring and bejeweled feather necklace he has given her.

Magical Observation

Leah has no real affinity for or against magic. She does have some sort of connection with Ethan that seems to be magical in nature, but otherwise, she is a mundane.

Telepathic Observation

To a small extent, empathic shielding training effects telepathic observations, but this is generally only to untrained naturals. Leah is an open book, with thoughts of caring for her patients and friends, love for her fiance, mother and brother. She is generally a quick thinker, making her an asset in the emergency room.

Empathic Observation

As an empath, Leah is very good at shielding her emotions from others. However in moments of extreme emotion, a talented observer can detect intense love for Ethan St. George (Hoffunengle), her mother; Rae Saga (Meadowstar), and brother, Sean Saga (Mr. Sean). Feelings of warmth and friendship radiate from her concerning her roommates, Sandy Taylor (Canadiene) and Sara Koch (Miss Nebraska).


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