Contract Job!

Dear Friends,

After three months of trials, tribulations and disappointments (not to mention frustrations with the current job at Panera Bread), I netted myself a 6 month temporary contract position through Aerotech Scientific with Procter and Gamble’s Pet Care plant in Aurora, Nebraska.

I’ll be moving back in with my parents who live 15 miles from the plant to help get my feet off the ground, and because of the work schedule which is  rotating 12 hour shifts, I probably won’t be on as much. The good news is it pays much better then what I’m getting at Panera, and it gets my foot in the door to the Chemistry, Manufacturing, and QA world.

The job itself is going to be running quantitative tests on dog and cat food… the Iams brand. I’ll be testing for protein, fat and moisture.. as well as toxin screening on the raw materials going into the pet food. Smile

I’m excited about this, but the next few weeks will also be rough as I’ll be packing up my life and rabbit… not to mention I’m actually doing closing shifts for the next three nights.

I’ll see you when I see you though, and boy will I look forward to seeing you when I can.




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