Character info: Selene Summers

Selene Summers aka Monday Embers ((Agent Dreamloom (Ninja/TA MM), Selene Summers (Fire/TA Corruptor), Moon’s Fire (Fire/TA Controller)))

General Observation-All

The first thing anyone notices about Selene is her hair and matching eyes… they are both light blue like the sky on a clear day. While her eyes will turn stormy with her mood, she is almost always in good spirits, frequently brightening the atmosphere of those around her. When she wills it she displays her angelic heritage with gleaming silver and blue feathered wings that further match her hair and eyes.

She is of a very athletic build and it is apparent that she works out on a regular basis, and she has a very rich and husky alto singing voice that she exercises regularly when she plays her guitar at open mic night at a club in Talos.

She is Australian and doesn’t hide her accent in normal social situations though she is fluent in several languages including Aboriginal dialects, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and French and can imitate correct accents from a variety of regions and dialects of said languages  and others including English.

As an angel, she is fluent in celestial and has a passing fluency in infernal.

On her army fatigues she wears the emblem of the N.W.O. and is known to still run operations with them time and again, though she has mostly moved operations to Paragon City where she moved to have her child.

Combat Observation-All

In combat, Selene is a skilled tactician.  While competent in hand to hand, she prefers to stay back and either direct her squad of troops, or, if alone, fly above the fight.  In either event her weapon of choice is a celestial bow formed from pure light.  She summons arrows for it, apparently made of light-blue fire and capable of both damage and a wide and nasty array of effects.

She also can use her fire more offensively, throwing bolts of flame that are capable of incapacitating enemies, or even summoning a rain of fire in an area.  One of her favorite tactics is to fire an arrow into a pack of enemies, the explosion knocking them down, and then follow up with a bright blue hail of flames that knocks the stunned enemies down (Oil Slick + Rain of Fire).

It is apparent through her mastery of combat situations that she is a veteran of the Australian Special Forces.

Social Interactions-All

Selene is very adept socially. While she is very often in the company of Bhael and Na’amah, she moves within several social circles quite easily and is able to enjoy the company of fellow armed forces veterans and blue collar workers but also more refined personas.

Her combat unit consists of five aborigines warriors; Titania, Oberon,  Moth, Mustardseed, and Peaseblossom and their Clan Shaman, Puck.   It is not clear whether these are the names that they picked themselves or operational code names. What is clear is when they are in combat they are precise and follow Selene’s directions to a tee, and when they aren’t drinking, they hold her in highest reverence. As a side note, if Puck offers you his home brew, you probably shouldn’t drink it.

Magical Observation

It’s immediately obvious that she has a good deal of training and a strong affinity for Angelic and Celestial magic.  Her flames are those of Celestial magic, made of soul fire. They only permanently injure those totally without remorse for their sins.  Surprisingly, some of the spells she uses are actually adaptations of Infernal charms, specifically her ability to project a massive explosion of angelic fires and then renew her energies by draining some vitality from those around her.  Examination of her aura will reveal that she is actually a formerly-mortal Cherub, a Guardian Angel.  She has resonance bonds as a Guardian to both Na’amah and Bhael, and is rarely found without their company.

Requires basic knowledge of cherubim

Cherubim, also known as Guardian Angels have the ability to form bonds or “resonances” with their wards. This resonance allows the angel to feel what their ward is feeling and know when they are in distress. They also share their ward’s feelings to a degree, and if their ward is harmed, this causes deep emotional distress, especially if the Cherub feels at fault for the harm by their action or inaction.  While gentle, warm, and caring creatures, if their ward is threatened,  a Cherub becomes the aggressor’s worst nightmare, the ultimate Mama Bear.

Requires celestial grapevine access

Selene is the granddaughter of the angel Nuriel, a Cherub Servitor of Fire under the Archangel Gabriel. Nuriel fell in love with his ward, a mortal woman and sired Selene’s father without consent of the choir. The couple was forced to abandon the infant to an orphanage and return to Heaven. While she is not aware of this connection, Selene indirectly is also a Servitor of Gabriel, demonstrated in her mastery of soul fire, though her military ties also bring her into the dominion of Michael, Archangel of War.The duality of her inadvertent servitude gives her mastery over fire as well as the ability to know when her ward is going to die and thus the power to stop the event if such is not foreordained(Selene is not aware of the latter ability as neither Na’amah or Bhael have been threatened by death as of yet.)

Telepathic Observation

As a cherub, Selene has a natural immunity to telepathic probing. As someone who used to be mortal however, she had a tendency to project her surface thoughts when not specifically taking actions against such. As a special forces agent she had extensive training to cover these unprotected surface thoughts in case of interrogation. When using her training, the prober will pick up that she variates between playing chess against herself in her head and playing music.

Empathic Observation

With her resonance bonds with Na’amah and Bhael, Selene can pick up their emotions and well being.  It is immediately obvious to even the casual empathic probing that she cares very deeply for the two demons. She is normally very reserved in showing her emotions on the outside, but gets hurt very easily because what she feels she feels very very deeply.


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