Imperial City, Praetoria; Praetorian Earth, present day.

She didn’t remember how they got her out of the river, she scarcely recalled living for months after she lost Xenia. They had taken her to Praetoria, called her a hero. She didn’t want that… she wanted to die so she could be with her sister again, but they knew that and wouldn’t let her.

Eventually it had become easier to exist. Her skill with computers and intelligence were noticed and she was hand picked by Justin Sinclair as an analyst. Sometimes Power’s Division had her go out into the field to do missions that required high security clearance. She figured that was alright, where other analysts might have been put off. While she wasn’t actively suicidal any more, she figured it wouldn’t be too bad if she died in the line of duty.

She didn’t make friends, nor did she try. She didn’t see the point. Far to much of social interaction required touch… and her touch meant death. Besides that, her ability to feel emotion had been numbed by Xenia’s death.

Little did she know, her whole world view was about to change because of the warm caring heart of Kitashi Ishikawa.

She met Kit when she had radioed for backup on a goose chase  through the underground looking for Eddie Polstra.  Encouraged by the potential and skill of the young Power’s Division trainee, Aglaya had moved her to preferred status for any teams she was leading, and soon she found that despite her feelings about the world, she genuinely liked Kitashi, to the point that she found herself confiding in the young woman on her past and feelings.

Alarmed by her new friend’s outlook, Kitashi related her concerns about her to her two teachers. Yuki Inaba and Izumi Arashi. Intrigued, the Kitsune princess Izumi bade Yuki to do research on Agayla, research that ultimately allowed Yuki to recognize the young woman at a critical moment and trigger off the sequence of events that lead to the young woman leaving Praetoria.

It was a special assignment from Praetor Sinclair that put Aglaya on his prized think tank. Her job, to blend in, and at the same time, begin the task of routing out a Syndicate mole. The Syndicate took immediate interest in Aglaya, and after finding out about her past, decided she would be an ideal target for mind control.

They put surveillance on her and soon realized she was a plant. Careful planning turned to desperation to get her under their thumb and they made a clumsy grab for her when she was at the supermarket.

The result was chaos. Aglaya’s mind resisted psychic tampering and she lost control of her powers, freezing the air around her to near absolute zero. In an attempt to defend herself she made an attempt to throw ice or freeze her attackers. Instead, a perfectly good melon stand fell victim to permafrost, exploding with the rapid expansion of the water within. The Syndicate goons panicked  and one of them tried to run up to grab her, and he too shattered from exposure.

Patrons of the market scattered away from the produce section of the store, most running for the exit, except for one who walked boldly through the now frozen produce, ice daggers at the ready. What she found were several dead Syndicate members and Aglaya still trying to regain control, trembling on her knees in the middle of what remained of her shopping cart. Yuki recognized her from the photographs in her file, dropped her daggers and ran to her.

“No… don’t… don’t touch me.” Aglaya pleaded with her, but Yuki was a Yuki-onna, a snow woman of Japanese lore and did not fear the cold of Aglaya’s touch. To the girl’s amazement, Yuki took her into her arms and rocked her slowly. “Shh… it will be ok… I am with you, Beautiful Aglaya.”  Aglaya looked up into Yuki’s eyes and slowly control came back to her by way of the calmness projected within them. “There… that’s better…” Yuki smiled down at her and kissed her gently on the forehead. Aglaya closed her eyes, held her mystery savior desperately, and then exhausted, collapsed into a deep sleep.


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