Time seemed to have sped up when she wasn’t looking. As slow as that weekend was, it had been nice to have time to breath without Justin breathing down her neck. It was all well and good that she had Security Clearance now, but there was a big gaping hole in her plan. She had no time to execute it. She’d stay late but she had training sessions with Justin every night.  She was on the verge of giving up hope when an intelligence report on the Rift Enclosure fell almost quite literally into her lap.

It was two months after her “new” life had begun. She had almost handed the report off to one of her junior analysts when she had spotted Yuki’s name listed somewhere among the sheaf of papers. She about tripped over said analyst and wound up going back to her office with the stack. It turned out that Keyes had actually made a portal to go to Primal Earth, and the kicker was Provost Marchand was sending diplomats over to try to make peace overtures while Emperor Cole was talking about Invasion. It boggled Aglaya’s mind. What was more, Yuki was listed not as a diplomat going over but as confidential status. She immediately plunged her hand into that bag of cats and came out  with an eye widening answer. Yuki and Izumi were FROM Primal Earth, and had gotten stranded as the result of some sort of magical spell. They had taken Kitashi and Tiffany with them as diplomats. But the thing that was hard to discern was their place of residency in the Rogue Isles. If they were being diplomats, then the Rogue Isles was the wrong place to be. Aglaya shook her head. It didn’t matter. If Yuki Inaba was in the Rogue Isles that’s where she was going. It was only a matter of getting herself assigned now. She was technically still Power’s Division and White owed her a favor for going all the way on the investigation of the Destroyers. He’d inevitably be stepping on Sinclair’s toes, but he’d do that anyway, especially if she  revealed to him that the assassins that had targeted him three months ago had been Sinclair’s fuck up. She’d slip out while they were arguing about it, and then she’d be out of reach.

It would take some preparations. She’d invested some in gold and jewels, but most of her money was still in the bank, it’d take time to convert enough of it over to take it with her. She’d also have to give up her book collections, and it would probably be wise to upgrade her laptop and nPad. She would mourn the book collection, but at least she knew somewhere she could get a good price for it while getting digitized copies at the same time. She let out a breath. Well. She had a plan, and she’d have to do it slowly so Sinclair didn’t know, but so far he’d been so self involved that he hadn’t noticed she had formed an attachment.  Gods help her, she was actually starting to sympathize with Belladonna Vetrano.


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