Fiction Archives

Spent today working on this.

I managed to find things from two “eras” of my writing so far/two different settings, with one piece that’s from a third.

The Categories thus far:

PC & RI- Paragon City and Rogue Islands are the main locations from City of Heroes, I played the game regularly from June 2007~November 2011. Writings up as of now that are from that setting are from July of that year on that I could grab from the forums I was a part of.

The Great Ball (FuMiga’s SAGA)- Is the setting for a few things.

What’s up now is stuff I salvaged from the broken forum that is somehow still up from the Original Neverwinter Nights Persistant world. Jan 2005- September 2005.

Arda is the setting for the Text based  Lord of the Rings game I played from November 2001~August 2007 and now again since March 15 2012.

I will see what is around in other crannies on the net and get them up as I can.



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