A word on the writings on the site.


I have eighteen more pieces on facebook, plus some things on google docs that I still need to copy over but I owe something of an explanation as my dad expressed confusion over what was going up, mainly because I had he and my mom subscribe as a follower to the site before I finished putting things up.

Everything that has gone up so far dates from last year-before 2004 (there are a few I know were 2002, but I digress)

Most of these writings are summaries of roleplay or things that fill in from roleplay in the various multiplayer games I have played online and have been organized by setting.

PC & RI is Paragon City and the Rogue Islands; the main two settings in City of Heroes which I played from July 2007- November 2011. This game is now free to play, and if I ever get bored enough I might go back to it briefly, but I have somewhat burned bridges with those I mainly roleplayed with. I will probably try to finish up some pieces, and if I play a game that is similarly in the “real world” I may revive some of the characters into that continuity.

The Great Ball is the setting made up my by friend Fu’Miga.

I first played in the setting when it was a persistent world in Neverwinter Nights called SAGA v3.

The Categories Power and Darkness, and Intermissions and Sideplots took place in this game and were written from January-September 2005

Things under the category Pixbol are rp type things taking place in the same setting, but on a game that’s currently in Alpha testing. Essentially its Bloodbowl, if you’ve ever heard of it, and is what I can most simply describe as “extreme fantasy football” There are two main characters I’m writing for in this- Mavash Tasatir, known as the Monk of No Order, and Nikolea Su, reporter for Pixbol Illustrated.

Arda as some of you very well know, is Tolkien’s lands of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.

I played in it through the text based game- The Two Towers, a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon), from November 2001-August 2007

I have currently started playing this game again, and you are likely to see new works from it soonish.

The Category “Early Writings” will be home to anything I find that I’m pretty sure I wrote in 2004 or before.

Journal will eventually start having some sub categories, but for now it is just casual things like this one.

That’s it for now. There might be further category refining later.


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