2012 TV Finales

So pretty much everything I’ve been watching this season that’s current television is wrapped up now, so I thought I’d take a bit of time and talk about it.


Bones: I don’t think Booth and Brennan getting together has helped the plot line. In fact, I about threw in the towel at the winter finale. The faith vs science thing is getting very contrived. I might not be watching this one past them catching the suspect from the season finale. (realizing since I started watching Crossing Jordan on Netflix that this show and Castle took elements from it, and I think I was comparing a third show to it too… gah)

Castle: Like Bones last year, Castle has finally pulled the relationship trigger. Hopefully the execution is better then Bones.

Fringe: Its ending next fall. I hope they wrap things up ok, this season has just been weird.  The plot threads are kind of muddled.  I like how it started, but its like the writers had several different ideas and instead of picking one they tried to do it all.

Psych: I still need to watch the finale which is on Hulu, but not hulu plus so I need to watch on the computer, but Shawn is starting to annoy me. He used to come off as quirky and fun, but now he’s kind of like the kid that hangs on to what he had so he doesn’t have to face that things are changing. I thought there was some real growth two seasons ago when he lost his one girlfriend, but its not there any more.

Glee: I mostly started watching Glee because we listened to some of their christmas stuff over the holidays. I like the music, and Sue Sylvester’s over the top antics. I get pissed at the kids though.  I actually had to stop for a bit after watching the first few episodes of season 2 because of all the characters I dislike Rachel the most and she does the most banal things. I guess the thing that rubbed me wrong the most this season was that when I was in high school 8ish years ago, we were all applied for schools and knew where we had been accepted to in the fall. We also applied to more then one school.  I don’t think that ANY of the seniors in the show  did that.  It could just be because my high school had a good arts program though and I was in college prep classes and there were actually people who did what they did in that show.  The last gripe I have is about the ending of the season. More Freaking Rachel. God. Why? Why Rachel? She is the least interesting character and had the least character development in the last three years. Yet we focus on her, because she is the star of Glee club? I don’t know. At my school she would have been near the top of the totem pole without the nationals win. Gah. Maybe she’ll get better with some college.  *Nerd Rage*

Grimm & Once Upon a Time:

Wow. I was waaay dubious on these when I saw previews for them at the movies last summer.  However, I was hooked on Once Upon a Time after the first episode, and Grimm by the third.  I guess Fairy Tales and Snow White in particular are the new sparkly vampires. (Mirror Mirror, Snow White and the Huntsmen in the movies also going on the theme) Anyway, these are my favorites this season, the ones I would anxiously await for them to come on Hulu.  Actually watched them on real tv a few times too.

Both these shows are well written and I’m very glad they got renewed, they are engaging and seem pretty unique in their execution as far as I can tell.  I look forward to keeping them on my Hulu queue in the Fall and not because they both had semi cliff hanger endings.

Touch: Apparently they’ve still got the season finale to broadcast on the 31st, I’ll talk about it more then, I do like it, though I don’t like Kiefer Sutherland’s character that much. He seems like he is a smart guy, a journalist, but he does some really dumb ass things just because he thinks Jake wants him too, he could still do it all just as well with a little more thought I think. Bleh. ONe thing I really like about this show is how all the random people in an episode end up being touched by what Kiefer and Jake are doing. It usually doesn’t come together until just about the end, but the show kind of has a novelty rube goldberg mechanism to it that currently works for it but may get predictable in time.


House: Planned Series Finale: I’d have to double check, but I don’t think I have actually watched all of seasons 1 and 2, I started watching at season 3 for sure. It had a good long run, and there was some weird turns here and there. I think I liked the note that it ended on, thought it was very Holmes like, which the “Memoir” they showed before the finale had some of the crew mentioning that it hadn’t been on purpose or something. Bleh. Anyway, regarding “Swan Song” Holy shit, Hugh Laurie’s real british accent vs House’s american one? Damn I was confused until I realized what was going on. I mean I was aware that he was british, but I had never heard him talk before.

Awake: Canceled, finished season- Maybe the best new show that didn’t get renewed. I really liked the mechanism, but apparently it didn’t get good enough ratings. However, I’m not too sad, it had a very satisfying ending that they could have picked up with the new season if they wanted to, but it still felt complete. Maybe it was too cerebral? I dunno, I want this one when it comes out on dvd.

Alcatraz: I liked this one too. My dad didn’t so much apparently. I liked the one actor, what’s his name… he played the doctor that was watching the kids in Jurassic Park, and Merlin in that one mini series on nbc oh so long ago. Any way, I liked it. Little pissed at how they left it since they got canceled though.  I really want to know what was up with the chick’s grandfather’s blood and the colloidal silver.

The Finder: Canceled- Second Fox show that I liked that got canceled with an up in the air ending.  Didn’t like this one as well as Alcatraz, but Walter had a certain charm to him. Maybe he’ll turn back up in Bones or something.


What I’ll be watching next:

Summer line up:

Eureka, Warehouse 13, Burn Notice, White Collar,

(hmm, two sci-fi, two usa… wonder how that happened)

I got caught up to what netflix has with the following regular season shows and need to either see if they have this year’s season on hulu, download them, or wait until they get put on netflix:

Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy

What I used to watch and am thinking about trying to get caught up with:

The Mentalist: I thought it was canceled but saw it on the fall line up

Criminal Minds -I lost track of this show a while ago, want to get back into it, if only because I like the one nerdy profiler)

CSI: Again, had lost track of this one a few years ago, plus I really liked Grissom and I stopped watching about that time. I currently have Season 9 disks right now.

Finished Shows that I am ocassionally  working through on Netflix Instant:

Crossing Jordan: its kinda like if Castle and Bones went back in time and had a love child, except you know, this one came out first and time travel is impossible. I am currently on season three and am surprised that the show didn’t go under with the big continuity blip they made. The episode that should have been the premier wasn’t until the  finale., so there was a big feeling that I missed something. Also… the Jordan/Woody  relationship irritates me in a similar manner that the Brennan/Booth relationship in Bones. They haven’t become a couple yet , but I think there’s like 4 more seasons.. so it’s probably going to happen. It is interesting because there have been a few guest appearances by actors that I like in other shows. (Monroe from Grimm and Brennan from Bones)

Battle Star Galactica: I got to the end of Season two and had to take a break because I was mad at Gaius.

Monk: In Season two,  its a cute show, and the guy that plays Monk is good at it, but I am not as enamored by it as I was in college.

The Dead Zone: I had watched a lot of this show a few years ago, but apparently I didn’t watch what I did on Netflix because I have no idea where it was and it started me at the beginning.  Somewhere in season 1, will probably watch ocassionally.

The Medium: Just started watching this one. Husband is kind of an ass, but I like the concept.  Huh. there’s Monroe from Grimm again.






2 thoughts on “2012 TV Finales

  1. I love awake and touch but skipped over your view cuz I haven’t watched yet. Completely agree about bones. Srsly sucked since they got together. White collat has got to b my fave! Also this summer is suits, franklin and bash, behind one season on covert affairs… and brain fart for the one w/ hank med… great show. Also Dexter… prob starting soon. So we correlate pretty well 🙂

    1. I am gonna try to watch Covert Affairs, think its on Netflix. I forgot about Dexter, I lost it sometime in college too, and I don’t have the actual channel, had been torrenting it. I should check out when the next book is. Hank Med. I just looked on Wiki.. Royal Pains? I accidentaly watched a little of a episode on Hulu when it was on auto, I might have to add it to the list. Its odd having time to actually watch tv.

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