Kamara the Teleri (Updated 2012 version)

The Origins and early life of Kamara Firalkar called Olwana have faded from the memories of all but those close to her. What is known is that she born near the end of first millennia of the third age, a daughter of the Firalkar Clan thought lost by her remaining family; her brothers Nathor and Natael and her cousin Polk, until III 2945 when she was reunited with them after traveling to the Woodland Realm of Thranduil following the call of the forest.

Later, it was said she left the forest with a heavy heart and lingered a while in Rivendell and it grew to be home. And yet, her name was written in the book of those who went west, thought to never to return…

Yet in time, the sea threw her back as it did when she was a child, onto the shores of the Grey Havens. They tried to keep her there, to find what had happened, but her memory was distorted and fogged, the only thing that she did know was she never made it to the undying lands, and that she needed to return home and turn her attention back to the east and the war…


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