Olanwa’s Reprise – Prologue

This is just the first draft, it WILL be edited.


Prologue: Returned by Sea

The fisherman dropped his sails and whispered an incantation before taking up his oars and maneuvering his small vessel into the hidden cove that his father had fished before him.

Once he was happy with his position,  he dropped his nets and shellfish traps then stretched and found himself gazing at the twilight sky, lost in thought.

He smiled as Eärendur’s star appeared in the West as the sun sunk below the water, and the moon soon rose in the east, thick and heavy as if Tilion was a bit drunk and was guiding it closer to the earth then usual. The elf didn’t think much of it at first, these were uncertain times, and while Tilion’s path was sometimes unsteady, the light of Telperion’s flower was ever bright, and the fish rose from the depths with its light, doing their part to feed the Teleri that still slowly filtered through Mithlond to the Lhun and made their last stop for supplies at Harlond before hitting open sea.

The thought of the sea brought the sound of the Belegaer pressing up and in against the barrier between it and the Gulf  from where it had only been white noise, and very soon he could almost feel the fear that his ancestors and elders had felt when they first encountered the Great Sea before the dawn of the first age at the end of the Great Journey. A shiver ran through his body  from the base of his spine as he suddenly realized he was not alone here, and he wasn’t imagining the fear… someone else was in his cove and she was badly injured.  His eyes flicked to the ancient reef lining beach of the cove, and when his gaze settled upon the wreckage of a small vessel his heart stopped before beginning to pump again with the release of adrenaline.  It looked like a lifeboat from one of the Swanboats of Mithlond. In a sudden blur of motion, he cut the lines to his nets and traps and inhaled deeply before drawing up the sails and summoning a wind to launch him across the water.

Within a five minutes he had almost flown his skiff the entire two mile length of the cove, given himself whiplash when he used his anchor as an emergency break to keep his boat from breaking on the rocks, then took a magic aided leap across the ridge to the shore. It was more power then he had tapped in ages and he would pay for it later. For now though, he sprinted across the beach with long strides, past the wreckage and up to the treeline where a crumpled figure was still trying to slowly crawl into the shelter of the woods.

The sindar inhaled and then bent down next to her, touching her shoulder softly.  His eyes went wide at the contact as she managed to turn her head and look at him with wild green eyes.

“Amarië?” his voice was barely a whisper.

Her eyes shifted to the indigo they had been when they were children. “Deltor…” her voice was raspy and her eyelashes fluttered hazardly as she tried to focus on him.

“Deltor…am I really here?”

“Shh… Kam… yes you’re in Lindon…” He lifted her and she stared right into his eyes as they flickered back to green momentarily until the color seemed to drain away from her eyes leaving them gray as hithlain as she smiled slightly and let the pain finally take her from consciousness.


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