Netflix Log: First and Second Quarter 2012

BattleStar Galactica:

Just finished this last night. I really liked it, though there were spots where I had to take breaks because I was mad at certain characters. Mostly just Gaius.

The ending was pretty satisfying, but I could see where some people wouldn’t like it, kind of trippy.

I will say I became unexpectedly attached to Roslin and Starbuck’s character arc is a bit confusing.

Crossing Jordan:

Finished last week.

Other then Jordan’s arc in the last season… I think this show had remarkably good pacing and an ok ending. You got the feeling they all went on and lived their lives when you left them, which is kind of the goal in this sort of show I think. My major nitpick was the one episode that should have been a season premier was the last episode of the season.

Its funny seeing some of the Heroes cast have cameos/small roles, kind of gives one the sense that getting your foot in the door with a director actually works for actors. (Crossing Jordan being one of Tim Kring’s creations)


Joss Whedon. Ah. I think I am a fan girl.  He hasn’t disappointed me yet. I’m not sure that all of the show was actually aired, especially the two episodes that were set in the “future” of the series.  However, as dreary as those two/three episodes were, they put a cap of the series and really exposed the true evil plan and problem that the technology was and could be used for. Not as fresh in my mind as it was, but still a good show.  People tend not to like things that paint their world as anything but happy fun times.

Being Human UK vs US:

Both of these are still going, Netflix had up to series 3 for UK and just season 1  of US (I think that they just finished 4 and 2 on tv… will have to wait for netflix to get them.

Not a whole lot of difference in the big picture between these two at first. However, by the end of the season there’s enough other  differences, starting with the setting being Boston rather then Bristol, I think maybe it has become enough of its own story, own alternative universe from Bristol, that it possibly deserves the right to exist. I just really don’t like that Hollywood thinks that foreign made shows (from anywhere, not just the UK) need to be Americanized to be accessible to us.  I just don’t buy it.

Breakout Kings:

First season was on Netflix. Finished it a while ago, apparently they are on second season… have to watch netflix for more.

I like the weird team dynamic they have. If you’ve not heard of the show, its kind of The Fugitive, except caught fugitives are helping the US Marshalls track down other prisoners that have escaped.

Watching now:

Medium-  taking a break on this one, husband is getting more likable… but its getting to the point that whenever something weird happens to Alison, they still act like they don’t realize its something weird happening to Alison. I tire of this plot mechanism.

Monk- got to season three, I am starting to remember more of the episodes from when I would catch it  in college. Its pretty fun sometimes, not as funny as it used to be.

Roswell- The music is cool, I like Dido and Sarah MacLachlan which is what they lead in with. We’re in the realms of highschool drama again. It feels like Twilight mixed with Smallville, except Liz is a stronger/more intelligent  person then Bella or Lana and Max is not a vampire but not exactly Clark  Kent.  Also… Isabel Evans is probably Isobel Stevens…good job with the acting Kathryn Heigl.

CSI- I’m actually watching this by disc.  I just finished season nine, which is when Grissom left the show. I’m starting to like Fishburne’s character a little better… but I liked Grissom damnit.


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