Thought stream…

Off I go
getting excited again
My hopes rise out of my control
Think to my self,
“Is this my best friend?”
I grow ashamed of my condition…
Want to cling to anything that pays me attention.

Yet you seem to listen
You respond
You reach out unprompted
This is all that I have wanted
For so long I have felt neglected.
It’s my emotions, they seem out of control.
Impulses, feelings, thoughts

I should stop.
I should think.
I should wait.

I want to throw myself at something
Show myself totally to someone but stay my own at the same time.

Have given peeks into me so many times
Display my humor
Relate my plans
Share my creativity
Bare my soul.
In an infinite void of misunderstanding
I am Cassandra, eternally unheard…

Yet then there is you.
You listen, you seem to understand
Take all I have shown you and given back.
A few words from you can seed my energy for days.
I barely know your trivia
I do not think it matters
But yet I am afraid to say how I feel.
Will you run away when I try to come closer?
Like so many others will you grow silent without a word after I say too much?

Dare I suggest the happiness I feel?
Dare I confess that I miss you when you are not here?
Or would it be safer to just let it fade?


It’s written now. I should let you see.

I refuse to hide nor could I stifle my light if I tried. If pain comes again, I will survive it.

The only thing that would be selfish is to keep this in, it shouldnt be a secret.

Thrice two atoms passed, and forth time the bond was set.

And so whatever the bond becomes…
Right now I call you dearest friend.


5 thoughts on “Thought stream…

  1. Bob says:

    Very nice, Emotional/

  2. jm says:

    Beautifully written. Eloquently transferred. You are amazing, dear.

  3. Bob says:

    Somber but revealing and hopeful

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