Chasing Zebras: One

It was a Sunday, and there was something in the air… I think part of it was my own anticipation. My mom was visiting and she was wound tight about my apartment being clean because it had been a long month and Friday it had been the most pitted out it had been in ages.  By Sunday afternoon it was looking mom clean though, so I wasn’t worried about how it or she looked, even though she was. The guest that was inbound had been a semi last minute decision the night before, and with the nerves up, I needed a plan to help diffuse the tension.

So it happened that I couldn’t find my drivers license at that point in time, so instead of calling around like I planned, I decided I would kill two birds with one stone, and intercept my guest and go looking for it where I might have left it. I guess my first start was a wee bit early, because as I sat down on the lawn furniture outside my apartment building, the universe delivered some treasure from the sky onto my shorts, so I went back in to clean them up.

It turns out that things had been priming for movie scene meeting. When I headed out again, he was rounding the corner from the foyer just as I approached it. It was unplanned, it was perfect… we started to hug and in that moment we realized we were kidding ourselves and we ended up kissing.

Life is not usually like that, and even that day wasn’t totally perfect. For instance, my drivers license was just hiding behind my social security card. Whoops.  We had a bit of awkwardness with getting into the swing of talking to one another. See, my geek charming? He’s mostly deaf. That didn’t stop the sparks from flying though, we were sort of like two molecules that were meant to be paired, and our first time together? I’m fairly certain our valence electrons were photoluminescent.

It is the perspective you take that makes the day. Life isn’t perfect, but it doesn’t have to be horrible either. Certainly, the attitude I had could have made or broken the day. I could have gotten in a tizzy about my license, my mom’s stress, the bird poop on my shorts or half a dozen other things. I didn’t. Any given day doesn’t have to be boring though either. That day was magical the way things turned out. You could just plainly look at everything that happened and call it how it was. But once you acknowledge the base truth, why not look beyond. That’s how bird poop on a pair of shorts becomes the symphony of the universe tuning up to accompany a first kiss with a big musical number. That’s the essence of chasing zebras.


About Chasing Zebras

While I am starting this on November first, and I am going to try to write some every day, and post it raw, and I will not be posting any edits right away though I realize it will need them; I am not going to consider this a real Nanowrimo project. The idea is to write, and if somehow it manages to hit whatever the word count is supposed to be for a Nanowrimo novel, hey great.

I am writing this for me. Comment as you will with possible edits, but keep in mind… it is a draft.