Urd Signy


When the dragon Smaug descended upon Erebor and raised Dale, he caused the destruction of Esgaroth the first time… From the ashes, as the people and their elected Master built anew in the midst of the lake, the leaders of the thief and assassin guilds assumed that history was doomed to repeat itself. While the people forgot about the dragon, the guilds began their long game and they called their alliance Sagasigr.

-October 2941-

As the Battle of Five Armies set the scene, the allied guilds watched amused as Bard accidentally destroyed Laketown for a second time.  As Lake-men begin to rebuild again.. Sagasigr approaches the most successful member of the merchant guild, the one who lost the most, and begins to make plans. Trouble is known to come in threes and with a shadow lingering in the wood, profits were high but the game was still in play. The two guilds and the merchant became one force and they called themselves Sigrun.

-Spring 3007-

An auburn haired courtesan in a thin cloak glides elegantly through the streets of Dale until she comes near the sewer entrance.  She takes a compact out of a pocket and makes at powdering her nose, really using the mirror to check her surroundings.

When she is sure no one is following or watching she sheds the cloak and the faint whisper of maille meets the air and after kicking off the shoes she was wearing, she leans into the bushes and pulls out a solid pair of riding boots and a sheathed blade and slips into the sewers and steps carefully until she comes to her destination, a tall, dark and muscular man climbing down the rope to the bottom of the well shaft when she arrives.

She meets his eyes and he acknowledges her with a nod and a bow. “Milady.”

“Bain is on his deathbed. Brand is already readying for his coronation. It’s like we thought. The Master has lost his respect for our way, everything points to the willing annexation of Laketown.”

The man pondered this a moment and looks to her.

“As much as I hate to admit it… It’s not in our best interests to kill Brand, the way trade is now is making our work too profitable.”

“You sound disappointed…  Have a plan?”

“Come home. As much as I hate politics, in this instance we need to regroup and take a look at what to do about this Master… besides kill him.  Besides, I think with the royal death we might take the opportunity to seize control on the rest of the docks…”

A slow smile lighted over the courtesan’s silver eyes. “Mmm, yes I can see that. Good. I was getting bored… this will be fun.”

-March 17th, 3019-

The sound of a shattered window results breaks the quiet silence of besieged Laketown. The courtesan shrugs slightly and replaces her cloak and purses her lips thoughtfully when the door opens and an thin agile man enters.

“How’d it go?”

The woman shrugs and is about to answer when the dark man appears.

“Brand is dead.” He glances at the woman and the broken window with a questioning look.

The courtesan smirks. “So is the Master… Don’t worry his puppet double is already in place.”

The first man walks towards the basket of apples on a dresser and plays with one thoughtfully.

“Then I guess its done. Only us and our profits between the city and anarchy.”

The dark man says, watching the first carefully.

“Then there’s only one last thing to consider.” The courtesan replies.

“What’s that?” The first asks as he ponders the apple thoughtfully.

“Which one of you is the wisest.”

The first shrugs and lifts the apple to his mouth and is stopped short by the sudden absence of it as a quickly drawn dagger intercepts it and sends it flying out of his hand while the other started into a fit of laughter.

The courtesan sighs and glares at the wiry man, murmuring  under her breath about poison then turns to the wiry man then back to the tall man. “I suppose that I’ll have to do then.”

The tall man coughs, makes an effort to stop laughing and takes a flask from his hip and then nods and takes a swig and then offers it to the courtesan.

“Urd Signy.”

She takes it, takes a sip and hands it to the other.

“Urd Signy.”

The wiry man takes it and drinks deeply.

“Urd Signy.”


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